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Rain Water Harvesting

Recently, I was doing some research into rain water harvesting…I am far from an expert, but I ran across some information from the City of Austin. Did you know that the city will help you install rainwater capturing systems? They will help with money…not with labor, but money is always good. Here is a picture […]

I Buy Austin

Here is a great site about Austin local businesses. We are not on there yet, but I am trying to get on soon! https://www.ibuyaustin.com/  

Mid Season Review and Look Ahead

Aggie Football 2017 The Halfway Point Well Ag’s we are right where I thought we would be and one win away from where I had hoped we might be (and, with just a bit of bad luck, we could be sitting at 3-4 right now……..but we are not and I am reasonably happy.) What I […]

Aggies Vs. Florida

Recap Texas A&M vs Florida Win 19-17   Holy Crap! Someday these boys will win one without all the drama and suspense; if not, I might not live through the season. Having said the above, they sure do make it fun and anytime a team can go into The Swamp and leave with a win […]

Andrew in the Statesman!

Look! We made it into the Austin American Statesman again. I know it says that I write the article (Nolan), but really it was all Andrew. I am the one that talks to them, so they keep putting it as me… Anyway, look how cool we are. 🙂 ARTICLE As a small company, stuff like […]

A&M vs. Bama

Review TAMU vs. Alabama 2017 Loss 27-19 I went to my first Aggie game on a cloudy Thanksgiving Day in 1963. I was excited as a light rain fell. Now, older UT alumni will tell you it was a bright sunny day without a cloud in the sky and  the field was wet only because […]

Aggies vs. South Carolina Recap

Review TAMU vs. South Carolina 2017 Win 24-17   I finally know a few things about the Aggies: These boys do like to make games exciting. This group of youngsters has put the failings in the UCLA game far into the back of their minds. Both in the Arkansas game and this most recent one […]

Aggies vs. Pigs Recap

Review TAMU vs. University of Arkansas 2017 Win 50-43 O/T Okay, the best news of the day is that I survived. Yes, ha, ha, ha but for an old man this game, damn near allowed Lynn to collect on my assets and a very nice Life Insurance policy. Before I begin, I have to say […]

Mosquitoes Suck (Literally)

I really hate mosquitoes. My daughter gets eaten alive. As a toddler, she loves to be outside so we often go on walks in the near by green belt. It’s a wonderful place, but when I get back, it is a win to come out with less than 3 or 4 bites. 1 or 2 […]

Aggies vs. Arkansas Preview

Preview TAMU vs. The University of Arkansas Those, very few of you, that read my post know I do not (normally) offer a preview of an upcoming game. Why? I am simply too emotional to be objective. However as this is such a big game (if for no other reason to confirm the 2nd half […]

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