Spring has Sprung!


March Savings!  Valid until Friday, March 31 10% off Mulch Installation. If you want to prevent weeds from growing, and you want your water to help your plants as much as possible – then mulch is your answer.  Three to four inches is the recommended depth. 10% off Trees, Flowers, Plants, and Shrubs.  As you know, […]

Spring is here!


Blooming has begun!  Our Mexican Plum Trees 🌳 are beautiful!  We hope spring isn’t catching you off guard, and that you’re ready for things to grow – and grow a lot!  As always, we will apply these discounts to incomplete work. Valid until Friday, March 10. Leaf Cleanup – 10% discount.  If you have any […]

It’s Time ⏰ for Aeration & Top Dress


Valid until Friday, February 24. ⏰ Aeration – 10% discount.  If combined with top dress (i.e. completed simultaneously), then we’ll bump the discount to 15%.  We will flag your sprinkler heads, then using a hydraulic aerator, our crews will aerate the turf. Aeration loosens up the compacted soil allowing roots to grow deeper. It also […]

Trim Your Crape Myrtles!


It’s time to trim your Crape Myrtles (the most ideal time of the year).  Also, be certain to trim your shrubs and flowers back before the spring growth comes – it’s an “invigorating cut” that helps them grow. 10% off Crape Myrtle Trimming – estimated or hourly.  🌳 Now is the time for crape myrtle […]

Thank you! and One Week of Savings


?? ⛄ Holiday Lights Gratitude ?? ⛄ As a small way to express our gratitude, we introduced a new tradition last year.  It’s an attempt to encourage our customers to find someone in need, that we could help lighten this holiday season.  Three lucky individuals (or families) will be selected by our office team to receive […]

? November Savings ?


Valid through Friday, November 4 @ 2:00pm. 10% off aeration of your lawn.  Aeration loosens up the compacted soil allowing roots to grow deeper. It also improves drainage, oxygen flow and breaks up dead thatch. 15% gutter cleanout – either hourly or estimated.  Leaves and rain are coming!  If your gutters need cleaning, let us […]

October Savings!


One Week to Save – Valid through Friday, October 7 @ 2:00pm 20% off aeration.  Aeration loosens up the compacted soil allowing roots to grow deeper. It also improves drainage, oxygen flow and breaks up dead thatch. 20% off topdress.  This light layer of soil will deepen the soil and revitalize the lawn with needed […]

September Savings


15% off Oak Tree Trimming.  August was the best month to perform Oak tree trimming, but we will continue to offer discounted tree trimming through September. 15% off Tree Planting.  If you’ve been waiting to install new trees when it is cooler – don’t wait.  We can estimate now and be ready for installation. 15% […]

Oak Tree Trimming – Best Month to Avoid Oak Wilt


August Savings! 25% off Oak Tree trimming.  August is the best month for Oak tree trimming to avoid the spread of Oak wilt.  Also, most HOA’s only allow Oak tree trimming during August. Valid through August 22 @ 6:00pm. 15% off flowers and shrubs.  Need some color?  Need to replace a shrub that is out of […]

Happy July Fourth!

We want to wish you and yours a wonderful July Fourth holiday.  We hope you are able to enjoy your friends and family, and appreciate this wonderful country and all those that have served us. If you haven’t noticed, it’s hot outside.  Really hot outside.  A few reminders for you: Water!  We’ve seen a lot […]