Should you do fall top dressing in Austin?

It’s that time of year again when the Top Choice crews fly over Austin to sprinkle their magic pixie dust over the lawns of our favorite customers. 

That’s right, it’s time for top dressing! Top Dressing adds a light layer of top-quality soil to your yard to help build a healthy, nutrient base for your turf — and trust us, our lawns need it after the heat of the summer!

Top Dressing
Fall top dressing spreads a 1/4 inch layer of rich compost and quality soil over your entire lawn.

When should you do top dressing for your lawn?

We do most of our top dressing in the spring, BUT there’s a narrow window for fall top dressing too. Right now, it’s warm enough that the grass is still growing but cool enough that the extra dirt won’t smother your lawn. Perfect temps for a little TLC.

Spreading Top Dressing by Hand
We’ve tried a few fancy gizmos and devices, but we still like to do our fall top dressing by hand. Nothing beats a personal touch!

Should you get top dressing and aeration together?

You guessed it. Fall top dressing is best performed together with core aeration.

Why? Top dressing is all about enriching your lawn with compost and high-quality soil. (Central Texas is notorious for rocky or clay-heavy soil.) Top dressing alone will simply add a thin layer to the top, and it won’t penetrate down to the roots where it’s needed. Plus, strong winds or a little rain could wash it right off!

Instead, we like to do our fall top dressing right after a round of core aeration. This further breaks up any compacted soil and provides small holes for air, water, and nutrients to work down to the roots.

Get a fast free quote for fall top dressing

Ready to get to work? Call us at (512) 291-7050 or request a quote online. Typically, we can provide a quick quote for top dressing simply based on satellite imagery of your property. Let’s do it!

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