Texas Mountain Laurel

Clusters of purple flowers.

Texas Mountain Laurel

Sophora Secundiflora

The Texas Mountain Laurel is a slow-growing evergreen with beautiful purple blooms that smell like grape bubble gum! It can be considered either a small tree or a large shrub (depending on who you ask). It has poisonous seeds, so take care around kids and pets.

Max Height: 20 feet

Max Spread: 12 feet

Hardiness Zone:

Light Needs: ,

Water Needs:

This is one of our favorite plants – extremely hearty and well suited for native Austin landscapes… and it’s flowers smell like grape bubble gum!

- Nolan Gore, Top Choice Owner

How to Identify Texas Mountain Laurel

Care of Texas Mountain Laurel

Texas Mountain Laurel is native to the rocky soils of Central Texas, so it tends to prefer good drainage. Occasional tree trimming can shape or raise the canopy if desired.

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