40,000 Lawns Mowed?! Rogelio and Chuy

The Power of Great People

Top Choice was founded in 2005. A lot has changed since then – people, competence, size, and ownership. But we had something cool happen recently and we want to celebrate. This year two of our foremen reached their 10 year mark with the company. And they are brothers. One of the things we did to celebrate was make them parking spaces. Ironically, they ride together to work, so they don’t need two spots. But even in our crowded parking lot, we try to keep the unused space open as a sign of respect for their loyalty, longevity and perseverance.

Rogelio – Top Left of Picture

One of our top Maintenance foremen. Very quiet. The epitome of the humble “get-it-done” leader. He has a sense of humor when you can crack the rough exterior. I would guess he is averaging about 100 lawns a week – 40 weeks a year – over 10 years – 40,000 lawns at Top Choice!!! Incredible.

Chuy – Next to Rogelio

One of our top landscape installation foremen. He loves details and is able to transform a yard. Somehow, he can move mountains of stone, mulch and sod into a yard and still have the discipline to make it look clean and crisp after 10 hours of back breaking labor. Inspiring.

These are the kinds of people we are so glad that we get to work with. All around us, there are quiet, disciplined, diligent people doing the hard, dirty work. They cut our grass, empty our trash cans, clean our public spaces, and much more. And they do it in the shadows of our society with little recognition or respectability.

Nolan, one of the owners speaking…. Many days, I believe Rogelio and Chuy do their jobs better than I do mine. I am glad I know them.

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