What’s the best type of artificial turf?

Have you heard the news? We now install artificial turf in Austin!

Turf is a polarizing topic. Some people have had a great experience with it, but others, not so much. A lot of it comes down to how it’s installed, the quality, and the type used.

So what’s the best type of official turf? We can’t say enough good things about the artificial turf products from AGL Grass. It’s the only type we install.

Some things to consider about types of artificial turf

How did we land on AGL Grass? Here are a few factors we considered when choosing our artificial turf supply:

  1. Durability: We want turf that is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and various weather conditions. High-quality materials and strong backing can contribute to the durability of the turf.
  2. Realistic appearance: The best artificial turfs are designed to mimic the look and feel of natural grass. We donsidered the color, texture, and blade shape to find a turf that closely resembles real grass.
  3. Drainage capability: Good drainage is important to prevent water accumulation and maintain the condition of the turf. We wanted turf with adequate drainage holes or a permeable backing to allow water to pass through.
  4. UV stability: Artificial turf that is resistant to fading and damage from the sun’s UV rays will have a longer lifespan and maintain its vibrant color over time.
  5. Maintenance requirements: Different types of turf may have varying maintenance needs. Some may require regular brushing, infill replenishment, or occasional rinsing. We want our turf to be easy to maintain.
  6. Pet and child-friendly: We wanted turf specifically designed to be safe and durable for the smallest members of our family. We looked for features like antimicrobial properties or a design that facilitates easy cleaning.
  7. Budget: Artificial turf comes in a range of prices, and we wanted to find a balance between quality and affordability.

What is artificial turf infill?

We think the biggest advantage of AGL Grass is that is a high-quality no-infill or zero-infill turf.

Other types of artificial turf require you to infill — putting fine masonry sand over the top and brushing it in. This sand helps hold the turf down and holds the grass blades up so they don’t lay down flat (which it wants to do).

But infill isn’t so great…

  • It’s messy: Over time it can spill out of your turf and track into the house.
  • It traps odors: It definitely holds odors from pets, old leaves, and anything else in your yard. (Nice going, Fluffy).
  • It’s hard to clean: How do you clean out all the dirt and odors? Yeah, it’s difficult.

Why we use zero-infill turf

Our zero-infill turf avoids the mess and offers several distinct advantages…

  • No odors: Pet mess and other “undesirables” go right through the turf.
  • It’s easy to clean: All you have to do is run a hose or pressure washer over it. Done!
  • The blades are made to stand up: Other types of turf require infill and occasional brushing to keep it from laying flat. Our quality products from AGL are made so the grass stands up realistically with no effort.

Wait, aren’t you like — a real grass company?

Yes, we’re real grass people. We love grass! But there are absolutely scenarios where grass doesn’t work. In those cases, we wanted to provide a beautiful and excellent solution for your landscape.

What better people to install convincing artificial grass than the people who really know grass?

Visit our artificial turf page to learn more, and contact us to get a free quote today!