Bamboo, a tall hollow cane, grows natively around the globe. Southeast Asia is home to the largest concentration of native bamboo where it can grow to 130 feet tall. Here in Texas a native variety of bamboo known as Arundinaria can be found in thick cane breaks along many rivers and marshes. It produces dense leafy stems and creeping underground stems that crowd out other plants. Texan Bamboo can grow as tall as 26 feet and form thick colonies.

Homeowners should be careful with bamboo. Once planted it can grow as much as a foot in a single day and can become extremely difficult to remove. (You better not change your mind.) Bamboo also diverts water away from surrounding plants so be careful to properly irrigate surrounding areas. If you have nosy neighbors, bamboo could be right for you. The fencelike growth can provide natural screening and privacy without being overtly intrusive. For all the information you could ever want about bamboo in Texas go here

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