Multi-Stream Nozzles for More Efficient Irrigation

As you prepare your sprinkler system for the growing season, it’s worth considering an upgrade to multi-stream nozzles. These innovative nozzles can save water, improve coverage, and operate more effectively in low-pressure situations.

Scott Ingalls, irrigation manager at Top Choice Lawn Care, explains the benefits of multi-stream nozzles and why they might be a smart choice for your landscape in Austin, Texas.

What is a Multi-Stream Nozzle?

Multi-stream nozzles, also known as MP rotators, are designed to fit onto standard spray head bodies but operate quite differently. They have nozzles that spray at different distances (typically 8, 10, 20, 30, and 35 feet) as well as side strips, center strips, and 45-degree angle.

The key is that all these nozzles, regardless of distance, operate at the same precipitation rate. They all apply water at the same speed. This allows you to put different size nozzles on the same zone and still get even water distribution.

We use gauges to measure the pressure at each spray head. Multi-stream heads only need 30psi to operate properly — anything higher can cause the heads to mist and waste water. 

Benefits of Multi-Stream Nozzles

There are several reasons to consider upgrading to multi-stream nozzles:

  1. Water savings – Multi-stream nozzles use, on average, 31% less water than traditional spray heads. Over the course of a year, that can add up to significant savings on your water bill (especially in Austin!)
  2. Better coverage – Because of the varied distance nozzles, multi-stream rotators provide superior coverage on oddly shaped lawns. They’re great for properties that aren’t a perfect square or rectangle, as most people have some curvature to their plant beds and lawn edges.
  3. Wind resistance – The multiple streams are less susceptible to wind drift than a single blast from a spray head, ensuring more water reaches your landscape even on breezy days.
  4. Low-pressure performance – Multi-stream nozzles can operate effectively at lower water pressures than standard spray heads, making them a good choice for areas with pressure challenges.

Keep in mind that you will need to run multi-stream nozzles for longer than spray heads (35-40 minutes vs 20 minutes). This more gradual application allows water to soak in rather than pooling or running off.

Maintaining Multi-Stream Nozzles

Multi-stream nozzles are fairly low-maintenance, but they can be slightly more prone to clogging than rotors (though less so than spray heads).

You’ll know if they’re not working correctly, because it looks like water is just misting around erratically. That’s a sign the head is damaged and needs to be replaced.

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Irrigation?

If you’re interested in exploring multi-stream nozzles for your lawn, or have any other irrigation concerns, contact the experts at Top Choice Lawn Care. Our licensed specialists will evaluate your system and provide recommendations to maximize performance and efficiency.

Call (512) 291-7050 or contact us to schedule your consultation. Your lawn will thank you!

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