Simon – A 64 Year Old Legend

This week Simon turned 64 years old. He has worked at Top Choice Lawn Care for over 5 years. 

He works just as hard or harder than the next guy. Mowing for 10 hours straight in 100+ degree weather is exhausting, draining, a feat-of-endurance. He often mows 30+ yards in a day. 

During the early winter, he climbs around on roofs to install lights – at 64 years old! 

He is an excellent teacher. We send new guys to Simon for training. He is patient and exacting. He holds a high standard. Mowing a lawn is not rocket science, but at Top Choice we strive to hold a high standard. Simon is one of those standard bearers. He cares about his results. 

After lights installations each year, Simon goes home to his family in Mexico for several months. He has several sons who have worked for us over the years. 

I struggle to express how inspiring I find this. Simon is a man of honor. He is the quiet man that soldiers along in our economy, behind-the-scenes, unassuming, unpretentious, never asking for recognition, diligent, thrifty, kind. He will probably never know that this was written, and wouldn’t know what to say if I asked him.

When we think about “great men in history”, we think about presidents and tycoons. We think about billionaires and reformers. Simon will probably never have a book written about him. He will go quietly into history. But he is a great man. We get to see it every day at Top Choice. We are thankful. 

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