Winter Debris Removal in Austin

Does your yard look like the aftermath of a fight scene with the Governator in 1997’s (undoubtedly) classic “Batman and Robin”?

As your irrigation system springing up leaks faster than a — uh — leaky faucet?

We’re here to help with winter debris removal in Austin and expert irrigation service.

Big takeaways up front:

– If you have debris removal needs, please send us a picture with a level of urgency. We would love to help. 

– Irrigation is breaking all over the place. Please let us know ASAP. We will get there as quickly as possible.

How do we do winter debris removal in Austin?

– Because everyone needs debris removal, we are doubling our rates…just kidding…The easiest and fastest way we can help is to do the removal hourly. We charge $79.99 per man per hour. This includes green debris disposal fees

– If you want a quote, we can get that to you ASAP. But, it will obviously take more time, and you will be behind the hourly clients in line. We will be working our hardest to get to everyone as quickly as possible. We anticipate working Saturday and even maybe some on Sunday to get everyone taken care of. 

– Pictures help us help you. These will let us know how much debris to expect so we can plan trailers and time appropriately. 

What happens to the landscape when we get a freeze like this? And what else should I consider?

Most things will be ok. Most of your plants and trees and turf can handle this cold. There will be damage, but most things will live. 

What should you worry about? Breaks and tears. Ice is heavy, and there have been a lot of breaks and tears because the plants and trees weren’t able to hold the weight. You should make sure jagged breaks and tears are “made clean.” They are not just ugly; they invite disease. 

Microclimates. Just as in life…all plants and all landscape locations are not created equal. Some microclimates (hyper localized areas) are just colder. Example: At one of our employee’s house the faucet on the side of the house freezes faster than the faucets on the front or back. This is because 1) it gets a greater wind chill, 2) it is less insulated, and 3) the winter gods despise it (our guess). Likewise, the plants in that area will get colder. They will have more damage than areas that are more protected.

Small things matter. Additionally, degrees and hours matter. A slight temperature difference (up or down) is often the difference between life, damage, or death for a plant or areas of turf. We don’t anticipate much turf damage, but it is possible. 

Mama Nature – Just like any good mom – mother nature doesn’t have to explain herself. She gives and takes. And it won’t always make sense. Some stuff will live. Other vegetation won’t. If you want us to make up a reason for why, we can, but sometimes there isn’t a good reason.