Mosquitoes Suck (Literally)

I really hate mosquitoes. My daughter gets eaten alive. As a toddler, she loves to be outside so we often go on walks in the near by green belt. It’s a wonderful place, but when I get back, it is a win to come out with less than 3 or 4 bites. 1 or 2 […]

11-Year-Old Kid Mows White House

I don’t care what you believe politically, but I think we can all get behind an 11-year-old kid mowing the white house lawn. Apparently he wrote a letter to the President and asked for the honor. Last Friday he got his wish and the President even came outside to tell him good job. Here you […]

Cactus (->) Cacti, Discus (no ->) Disci…(English is weird).

Cacti are cool…as long as you don’t get speared by one. Actually, the little sliver things (glochids) are sometime worse than the daggers (spines). Also, since we are talking central Texas, have you ever tried to eat one of the pears (technically called “tunas”-how funny is that?)? I have eaten them several times. They are […]

Great website for plant knowledge…

While we have our own plant google in house (Andrew), we are always looking for good information – for our own edification and also to share with our customers. We have collected a lot of sites that we reference or disseminate and this is a great one. http://www.plantanswers.com/   One of the great things about […]

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