Notable American Christmases

3 Notable American Christmases At Top Choice, we love America. Sure, we are flawed. Who isn’t? We have our ignominious moments. Who doesn’t? I know I do. But, despite those moments, we have some incredible, awe-inspiring, breathtaking, heart warming, human moments. Here are three that occurred on Christmas or Christmas Eve. As a side note, […]

Central Texas Winter Cut Back

Central Texas Winter Cut Back How can you be successful in your Texas winter cut back? A little work in mid-late winter will result in a more beautiful and healthy landscape for the rest of the year. Each yard is different, in fact each yard can have its own microclimate where plants should be treated […]

How Does Military Experience Help with Small Business?

How Does Military Experience Help with Small Business? All I can do is write to my own experience – limited – personal – growing – ever-changing. I understand myself better and differently each year. But I have this conversation pretty regularly, so I thought I would consolidate my thoughts to maybe help someone in the […]

Nolan’s 2020 Book Recommendations

2020 Book Recommendations  Want some 2020 book recommendations? For you? For a gift? I read a lot…actually my wife likes to remind me that I listen a lot. Perhaps the best word is consume. I consume a lot of books – some via the physical page and a lot via the audible app. I love […]

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