Backflow Preventer Inspection in Austin

Are you ready to keep your residential irrigation system in tip-top shape? Well, let us tell you about a crucial aspect of maintaining your system in Austin, TX: backflow preventer inspection.

You see, here in our lovely city of Austin, we experience all kinds of weather — from scorching hot summers to occasional heavy rains. Your irrigation system needs to be well-maintained to ensure it keeps your lawn lush and green while also protecting our precious water supply from potential contamination.

Especially with the harsh winter storm events of the past few years, above-ground backflow preventers are one of the first things to freeze, and that can be a big problem.

Above-ground backflow preventers are quite vulnerable to freezing in winter.

A backflow preventer is like a superhero for your irrigation system. It’s designed to prevent any dirty water from flowing back into our clean water supply. When your sprinklers are in action, they create a temporary drop in water pressure, which could potentially draw contaminants from the ground or nearby sources back into the water lines. That’s where the backflow preventer comes to the rescue!

To make sure it’s doing its job, a regular backflow preventer inspection is essential. It’s recommended to have a licensed professional from our residential irrigation company perform this inspection at least once a year. They’ll check for any signs of wear and tear, test the valve’s functionality, and make sure it’s properly installed and calibrated for Austin’s climate conditions.

Austin takes backflow prevention seriously, and many areas even require an annual backflow certification to ensure our water supply remains safe and clean for everyone.

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