Austin Fall Landscaping Checklist

We made it. After a record-setting summer of triple-digit heat, temperatures have dropped, rain has come, and there are cooler days ahead in the forecast. What does that mean for your lawn and landscape?

We’ve put together some thoughts and a free downloadable Fall Landscaping Checklist specifically for our Austin climate. Let’s get to work!

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How to think about lawn recovery

This heat was brutal for our plants and lawns. You may we wondering, “will my grass grow back?” With the right plan, a recovery is often possible. Here’s how you can help…

Things to think about:

  • Feed your lawn: make sure your lawn has the right nutrients.
    • Fertilization: Give your lawn a fighting chance with some fertilization. We offer a fertilization and weed control program specially engineered for our Central Texas climate.
    • Top dressing: This layer of rich soil and compost helps replenish your lawn’s nutrients after the scorching heat. It’s almost cool enough that top dressing won’t smother your grass.
  • Environmental Factors: 
    • Compaction: Most of our soil is rock hard. Aeration loosens things up so your grass can finally breath a little and start getting essential water and nutrients back down into the roots.
    • Shade: Too much or too little sun can be an issue. You may consider trimming your trees or taking out some of the shrubs if needed. 
  • Water: If you haven’t already, get your sprinklers checked out to get your lawn on the path to recovery this fall. Bonus points if your irrigation system can react to rain conditions. 

Time for fall landscaping enhancements

After feeling stuck inside for much of summer, we can finally get out and enjoy the great outdoors! There’s no better time for special projects, enhancements, and upgrades that can beautify your yard and expand your outdoor living space.

Fall is actually one of the best times for new plants or sod so they have a few months to establish roots before winter dormancy. They’ll be ready to grow in the spring and have the best chance to survive next summer.

We can help!

We’re happy to help if you’re ready to knock a few extra items off your to-do list. Let’s get your yard ready for fall! Call 512-291-7050 or request a free estimate online.

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