Core Value: Have Fun and Tree Trimming

Doesn’t this picture make you happy? Real smiles are the best. This is Eleazar (we call him Laser) and he is one of our fantastic, long-time foremen. 

Core Value: Have Fun

At Top Choice one of our core values is to”have fun”. We define fun as: laughing, winning, working hard and serving. We don’t really want to work in a place that isn’t fun. This doesn’t mean we are always joking around or that every day at Top Choice is awesome – there is still a lot of frustrating moments. But, I think we laugh more than most people. We definitely don’t always win – but we would rather be in the arena than be the critic. There are definitely days where we slack off and provide mediocre service but we are always trying to improve and you tend to help 😉.

This goes for you too – the customer – we would always rather work with people who want to laugh, who want to win, who want great service and will hold us to a high standard. We will work hard to make this a reality for you, but if you aren’t happy or we cant make you happy, then we will help you find someone who can do that for you. Everyone is happier and we can all get on to our God assigned tasks. 

Tree Trimming – Now is the time

Enough fun. Lets’ talk about trees.

We could really nerd out here and talk about how they used a live oak to strengthen the bow of the USS Constitution (an important ship in American History), but that would probably bore you. See here for more.

Here is what you really want to know: You can now trim your oak trees.

It’s wise to avoid trimming oaks in the spring to decrease the chances of oak wilt. Now that it is HOT the chances have decreased dramatically and you are safe. Now is the time to ask for a quote to trim your trees.

We do basic tree trimming – raising canopies, cutting out dead wood, etc.. We will do just about anything we can reach with a ladder and a pole saw. We will not climb.

Some Additional thoughts on Tree Trimming

If you are going to use any one else to trim your tree then please consider the following:
 – Are they insured? This can be dangerous work and you don’t want to risk a non-insured company. 
 – Do they seal their cuts? Pros will seal their cuts with pruning seal out of caution. 

 – Are they funny? Obviously this is important for myriad reasons.
 – Do they have a certified arborist on staff? Do they have some one formally trained in the art of trees? 

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