More Water = Better?

More isn’t always better:

Years ago I really wanted my lawn to look great so I decided to add more water. More = better. That is always the right answer…isn’t it?

So, I watered every day (this was before I understood water restrictions). Let’s avoid the obvious first issues (money, waste, regulations). But this is actually really bad for the long term health of your lawn. 

What does over watering do to your lawn?

When you water daily (or too often) you are training your turf to develop roots at the surface for “easy” water. Ideally you need to water routinely, thoroughly and to maximum soil absorption (and no more). Root depth is essential for health of the plant: diseases prevention, drought tolerance, soil composition, nutrient absorption and more.

Well how much is the right amount of water and how do I program my controller to best service my lawn?

It depends on your system, and the zone, and the turf, and the time of year, and the time of day, and the type of head, and the amount of shade, and the time of day you receive shade, and the average speed of an African swallow in the eastern hemisphere and one or two other things.

But, let’s not over complicate it.

Many areas of central Texas restrict watering to once per week. This may or may not be enough. If there aren’t restrictions in your area, we would generally recommend twice per week. A good rule of thumb is that you want to run rotors for 40 minutes and sprays for 20 minutes.

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