Flower beds landscape inspiration

Custom flower beds add life and color to any landscape. They can add flow and interest to otherwise boxy lawns, and they can beautify shady or awkward areas where grass doesn’t want to grow.

Check out a few of our recent flower beds for a little inspiration on your next project.

Organic shapes create flow and interest

Flower beds create different vibes based on their shape. Hard geometric lines look sharp and go great with modern architecture. Natural curves can mirror the ebb and flow of your landscape (they go great with just about anything).

No matter the shape, we can finish things off with either durable steel edging or elegant mortared limestone edging.

Flower beds beautify dead zones and awkward areas

Flower beds are a great way to fill in the gaps. Beds can add interest and color between sidewalks, in narrow side yards, and in other awkward areas. Mulch and shade-tolerant plants work well around the base of your trees.

Choose your ground cover

When it comes to flower beds the sky — well, maybe the ground — is the limit! Mulch doesn’t just look great, it helps retain moisture and protect your plants’ roots. River rock, gravel, and stone work well with native Central Texas landscaping and don’t need replenishing. Can’t decide? You can even combine a mulch inner bed with a stone border for a sophisticated, natural look.

We’re here to help!

Let us know if you’re thinking about creating new beds in your yard. Our experienced landscape designers can help you design your beds and pick the right plants. Every corner of your yard has its own unique micro-climate, and they know which plants will look good and stand the test of time.

Our crew can get everything installed, and we can even help you maintain your shrubs and beds for a beautiful landscape year-round.

Call 512-291-7050 or contact us to schedule your free quote today.

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