Rocks and stone landscape inspiration

Rocks and stone are a great way to improve your landscaping for years to come. They can add form and function to any yard … and they’re a great way to save water! But what to do? Check out a few of our recent projects for a little inspiration.

Rocks paths and stepping stones

People and pets can easily create undesirable paths in your lawn. Paths can also help create visual flow and connect new options in your yard, like expanding your driveway.

River rocks, flagstone, or decomposed granite are a great way to make an attractive and functional path.

Sitting areas and flagstone patios

Whether you have a wet spot, a dry spot, or a shady spot, rocks can help turn a dead zone into an attractive feature. And who doesn’t want to expand their outdoor living space with a flagstone patio or seating area?

River rocks and gravel groundcover

Some areas simply aren’t built for grass! Rocks can help you take care of narrow side yards or that pesky strip between the sidewalk and the street. They can also help with drainage.

Beds and edging… get creative!

We can help your plants and beds look great with mortared limestone edging. Plus, rock groundcover can go really well with cactus, succulents, and native plants. How will you enhance your landscape? The world is your oyster!