How to install artificial turf

Want to learn how to install artificial turf? Proper installation can make or break your experience with turf. Here’s how our landscaping pros install artificial turf in Austin…

How to install artificial turf

  1. Measure and select your turf

    Mark out the area and measure where you want to install the turf. Check out our recent blog for more info on the best types of artificial turf.

  2. Prepare the area

    Clear any existing grass, rocks, or debris to ensure that the surface is smooth and even. Take your time and do it right. You don’t want any lumps!

  3. Install the base

    Artificial turf requires a solid base to look good and feel right. Add a base material like crushed stone or decomposed granite and compact the base to create a stable surface.

  4. Unroll the turf

    Bring in the turf (watch out; it’s very heavy!) and roll it out over the prepared area, ensuring that the turf fibers are facing the desired direction (if necessary). Leave some extra turf on the edges to trim later.

  5. Trim and shape the turf

    Use a utility knife to precisely trim the turf to fit the area properly, paying attention to corners, curves, and obstacles like trees or flowerbeds. This is where practice and experience really pay off. PRO TIP: We trim about a half inch off the edges of each roll before joining seams. We find these outside edges can get just a bit worn during manufacturing and transport, this helps create invisible seams!

  6. Join the seams

    If your turf requires multiple pieces, you can join the seams together using adhesive or specialized turf tape. Use landscaping staples to straddle the seams and hold everything together.

  7. Secure the edges

    Tap in landscaping staples or nails every 6-12 inches around the perimeter of your turf.

  8. Brush and groom

    We use zero-infill turf, but if your product requires a sandy infill, now’s the time to add it. Use a push broom or power brush to brush against the grain and help the fibers stand up straight.

How to maintain artificial turf

Once you’ve installed your turf, it’s easy to maintain! An occasional pass with a leaf blower and garden hose sprayer can help freshen it up. For a more in-depth cleaning, you can also use a pressure washer.

We’re here to help!

Even if you know how to install artificial turf yourself, it takes experience and a practiced hand to get all those seams and edges juuust right.

Contact us to learn if artificial turf is right for your yard and get a free estimate!