Our Team

These guys are awesome. The guys that are out there every day, in 100+ degree weather, they are awesome. I (Nolan the office guy) marvel consistently at their work ethic, resiliency, consistency, and drive. Sometimes I forget stuff in my car and I have to go outside to get it. I come back inside and immediately complain. Then I realize…our team is all outside…all day. I’ve said this many times, but we don’t value people any differently. People are all valued the same. But, we do value positions differently. Positions carry different levels of responsibility and/or expertise. That is what warrants different compensation. But everyone deserves the same respect. 

Watching our team, I am certain that some days there are members of our team do their job better than I do my job. That’s a challenge. Can I do my desk job better than Eleazar can do his field job? Or Ally can estimate? Or Derrick can do his irrigation? Some days, yes. Some days, no. Thankfully they are on my team. I like to be on a team with these guys and gals.