How to Winterize your Texas Irrigation System

How to winterize your Texas Irrigation System Why do we winterize? We want to take care of our irrigation system. Often times there are breaks in our systems after a long hard winter. Everyone knows that water expands when it freezes – we need to take this into consideration when we are preparing for the […]

Why are there mushrooms in my yard?

Why are there mushrooms in my yard?! A could times a year we hear the question, “Why are there mushrooms in my yard? Should I be worried? Should we treat them?”. Sometimes mushrooms show up in the turf and sometimes they are in beds. What does this mean and what should I do about it?  […]

7 Landscaping Ideas for your small backyard

  No matter how small your backyard may be, there are plenty of ways to create the perfect outdoor oasis at home with some backyard landscaping. A small plot doesn’t necessarily mean that the landscaping options are limited! There are plenty of landscaping designs and gardening fixes that you can do on your own or […]

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