Everything you need to know about artificial turf (fake grass!) in Austin

Look, we love real grass, but there are absolutely scenarios where grass doesn’t work. In those cases, we wanted to provide a beautiful and excellent solution for your landscape. We now install artificial turf (fake grass)!

But what’s the deal with turf anyway? Is it right for your yard?

You’ve got questions – we’ve got answers.

Where should you use fake grass?

Shady areas: Natural grass requires ample sunlight for photosynthesis and healthy growth. Side yards or backyards are prime suspects for insufficient sunlight.
High-exposure sunny areas: Some parts of your lawn can simply get too much sun with no shade at all. They may be getting further scorched by residual heat coming off pool decks and patios. No matter how much you water, these zones can’t keep up in the heat of the summer.
High-traffic areas: Heavy foot traffic can damage natural grass, leading to compaction and wear.

How do you install turf?

Here’s the short version. For more info, check out our recent post on how to install artificial turf.
– Prepare the base: We meticulously clear and smooth the area before adding a base of compacted decomposed granite.
– Lay the turf: We roll out the turf and trim the edges for a perfect fit. We secure all seams and edges with landscaping nails and staples.
– Groom and brush: We clean and brush the turf for a lush, natural look.

What kind of turf should you use?

We reviewed a number of products on the market before settling on the artificial turf products from AGL Grass. It’s the only brand we use. AGL Grass is a premium quality zero-infill turf, meaning it doesn’t require a sand “infill” like most other brands. No infill means it doesn’t make a mess or trap pet odors (yuck). It’s super easy to clean with a hose or pressure washer. Read more in our post about the best kinds of fake grass.

How much does artificial turf cost?

With us, you’ll typically pay $9-$12 per square foot for artificial turf installation in Austin. The final cost depends on the complexity and logistics of the job (surface preparation, edges, etc.)

How long does it take to install?

Of course, it all depends on the size of the area and how much work is involved in preparing the area. You can often expect a day or so for prep and less than a day to install.

How do you maintain artificial grass?

Once it’s installed, our turf is a breeze to maintain. Simply freshen it up with a leaf blower or garden sprayer. A pressure washer can also provide a good deep clean.

How long does artificial turf last?

Our products from AGL Grass are guaranteed for 15 years, but as long as you’re not exposing it to any unusual wear (lawn darts, medieval jousting tournaments, etc.), you can expect it to last even longer!

Is fake grass good for pets?

Some turf products require a sand “infill” that can trap mess and odors after your pets stake their claim (yuck), BUT we use a premium quality zero-infill product that cleans up with a quick rinse. It’s great for pets and kids!

Does fake grass get hot?

Our products stay within 5-15 degrees of natural grass, so you don’t have to worry about burning your feet.

Think your yard would be a good fit for some artificial turf? Contact us for a consult and a fast free estimate!