Funny Phone Bingo

Laughing at Work

We like to do great work, and we like to have fun in the process – why not? If you are like most of us, we spend more awake hours at work, than at home – you might as well enjoy it. 

Last week we decided to play “funny Phone Bingo”.  As you can see in the picture, we put a 5×5 grid on the white board of random, ridiculous words.

The goal of the game: sneak these random, ridiculous words into conversations on the phone and get a BINGO. Can you imagine trying to sneak “Octopus” into a conversation with a customer or vendor without being too awkward or weird? As you can imagine, it was hilarious. John and Tom did all the hard work while the rest of us enjoyed the show. 

So, if you were one of the customers on the other end of the phone who received a strange comment like, “He is going crazy on his computer over there. He is like an OCTOPUS on his keyboard”, we hope it makes more sense now. We were trying to enjoy our work – and we were successful. 

Other highlights included: 

“The guy that stole your credit card is probably buying a bunch of SPANDEX online right now”.

“Well BAZINGA Bob! I appreciate your call!”

As someone spelled their street name…”Ahhh ‘S’ as in SQUIDWARD”. 

“Sorry for the noise, I just knocked over my YETI“.


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