Prepare your Turf

Another post brought to you from your friend John. 

How Can I Get My Yard Ready This Spring?

The winter here in Austin is mild compared to other parts of the country, which is one of the reasons I love it here so much! Even though it is mild we still need to do several things to get the best out of our lawns, shrubs and trees. To help them be their best selves, lush and green, just follow these best practices.

Clean your canvas.

The best first step is getting your lawn ready for all you are going to do for it. Clear off all the debris, natural and man-made. Rake or blow all twigs, leaves and other debris away.  These things, along with any man-made items, will interfere with your lawn absorbing any fertilizers or other treatments. They will also damage your mower or anything your mower might launch them into. I know you like your windows in one piece.

Apply fertilizer and pre-emergent.

In early spring we recommend a combination of fertilizer and pre-emergent along with spot treatment of broadleaf weeds. The fertilizer is to feed your grass and the pre-emergent is an herbicide to prevent crabgrass. We then do another application about six weeks later. This springtime treatment is not for all varieties of grass so ask us to identify your lawn. You may only need the fall treatment.

Mow early and often.

It is generally recommended you mow once a week, this is especially true in spring when you should probably mow even more often. Letting grass grow too high stunts the roots so the faster it grows (spring) the more often you need to cut. Plan on cutting as often as able for at least the first six weeks of spring.

Irrigation is key.

Be sure that your lawn is getting all the water it needs, don’t rely solely on rain. Along with mowing and fertilization, watering is part of the holy trinity of lawn care. They are all necessary components of that beautiful green lawn you desire. We have an in-house irrigation team that can assess and tune your existing system up and educate you on its proper use and settings. We can also install or expand a system.

Manage the shade.

If you haven’t already been tending to them over the winter, now is a good time to trim your shrubs and trees. This is ideal in the early spring before the leaves fill in while we can assess the branches more easily. You’ll want to get rid of any dead branches.  This is especially true on your trees; they don’t feel good falling on your head.  Note: we can’t trim oaks until the heat of the summer to avoid the risk of oak wilt. 

Mulching to protect your beds.

Mulch does more for your beds than just make them pop. In the warmer weather the mulch helps keep your watering effort from evaporating away. It also biodegrades and feeds your beds. In the winter the same mulch helps to keep your plant root systems warm and healthy through the few freezes we do get each winter. We recommend natural hardwood mulches. Ask us for our different offerings.