How to perform a DIY irrigation check

Lots of folks like to handle their own irrigation. That’s great and we encourage it. A bunch of folks also want a pro to do an irrigation check to make sure their system is in tip-top shape before the summer. 

Whatever you decide, please, please, please make sure your irrigation system is in good shape before the summer! Our goals are to

  1. Minimize water waste
  2. Maximize the vitality of your landscape

How to do your own irrigation system check for the summer

Time needed: 20 minutes

Here are a few (bare minimum) overly simplistic steps to help you do your own irrigation system check.

  1. Check your controller

    Is it seasonally adjusted and properly programmed for the summer? Are the correct right run times set for each microclimate? You’d be surprised how often we find imperative zones OFF.

  2. Check for leaks and problems

    Run each zone for two minutes and watch for broken heads or wet spots (broken pipes). Are the drip lines, rotors, and spray heads all working right? 

  3. Evaluate coverage

    Ensure your lawn receives uniform and complete coverage by examining the positioning of your sprinklers, drip lines, or bubblers. Typically you want DOUBLE coverage for uniformity when it comes to sprays and rotors. 

Top Choice Lawn Care irrigation in Austin, Texas

Seasonal irrigation system upgrades

Now is a great time to boost your water efficiency – before the summer water bills start coming in (ouch!) Irrigation systems in Austin can all benefit from:

  • A smart controller that makes adjustments based on rainfall
  • Rain sensors
  • Super efficient heads
  • Drip irrigation

And this one goes without saying… always run your system before the sun comes up to decrease evaporation. That one’s free!

Irrigation repairs and upgrades in Austin

So what do you do if your irrigation check reveals a leak or broken head? What if you just want a professional to make sure everything is good to go?

We’re happy to help! As an established, licensed provider of irrigation repairs and upgrades in Austin, we’re qualified to handle any irrigation issues that pop up.

You can check out more info on our irrigation page, and you can even schedule your irrigation check here!

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