Potato Vines

Sweet Potato Vines

              As we swing into the seventh month of the year, one of the most common points of conversation is the intense heat that Texas is known to bring. It can be tricky to keep many plants not only alive, but healthy when the long summer sun comes out, but there are few that thrive in times like these. Today, we are going to highlight the Sweet Potato Vine. Regardless of whether you like to eat them or not, this vine can fill a bed with luscious green and purple pedals that can individually reach six inches to a foot.

Seeing that these are perennials, each year they return to a stunning look as they did the year before. They are incredibly simple to plant as a DIY project in a plant bed, and typically require extremely low maintenance. As mentioned before they work best in climates with high heat, so Austin is a ripe environment to allow for these plants to thrive. A common misconception though is that there will be a delicious sweet potato being grown at the root. Part of this is true, considering that the root is a sweet potato yet it won’t be as tasty as what you would buy at the grocery store. This can be attributed to most of the nutrients being used to grow the leaves and stems while giving them gorgeous color. This causes less nutrients to reach the root, often leaving the sweet potato small and not as delicious as the often are assumed to be. This species of plant has many varieties with different properties to them such as less spread or different colors, so this plant offers amazing options towards improving the look of your lawn. Reach out to us if you have any other questions about the sweet potato vine or if you would like for us to help you plant one to grow the portfolio of your yard.


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