Tree Removal

Tree removal

We love trees, but sometimes the best thing for a landscape is a tree removal. One of my personal pet peeves is when new neighborhoods require 2, 3 or even 4 trees installed in a yard that should really only have one tree. It is short sighted.

Why would you remove a tree?

Dangerous – Bradford Pear trees are notorious for shedding large branches in storms. They grow quickly and flower, so shortsighted builders like to have them installed. But when they reach maturity they can be a hazard to cars, houses, kids and even other trees.

Landscape problems – Some trees will choke a landscape due to their size. They can choke other trees. They can (and often do) kill grass due to shade. Occasionally, we will find a tree that has been installed in an improper location. A tree that fit perfectly on installation might outgrow an area.

Aesthetics – a lot of people don’t like cedars (there are a number of reasons to remove a cedar including water needs, but some people also don’t like the look). Sometimes trees are just ugly.

Things to think about for tree removal…

Can I remove this tree? Most municipalities have restrictions / applications / permits around tree removal. These restrictions are generally based on the size, type and location of the tree.

Do I really want to remove this tree? Trees a beautiful and shocker…they take a long time to grow. Sometimes they are worth the inconvenience. Again, my parents are a great example. Their back yard has three live oaks. When they moved into the house 15 years ago this wasn’t a problem, but they grew…and grew…and grew. Now half of the backyard can no longer grow grass due to shade. After a lot of thought, they decided the trees were worth it and we found a landscaping solution for the heavily shaded areas.

Should you consider tree removal? Or is there a better solution?

Often, you should consider a landscape solution prior to tree removal (unless the tree is dangerous). If you are dealing with too much shade, then think about an expanded bed with some more shade tolerant plants. 

What can we do?

At Top Choice, we are a service company for your yard. But we aren’t a full-blown tree company…yet. That means that we limit ourselves to work that can be done with pole-saws and ladders. We do not climb. We also stay away from trees close to houses or power lines. There are plenty of experts out there that are trained and equipped to deal with complicated tree removal, but we have chosen to stay out of this area (for now).

If you want to learn more about tree trimming, then please visit our tree trimming page

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