Drunk Birds?! Intoxicating Berries in Texas.

Drunk Birds?! Why is this bird acting so strange? Believe it or not, animals – and especially birds – can get drunk on berries. Occasionally, with the right seasonal conditions, berries will ferment. This generally occurs after a freeze. When a hungry bird runs into a fermented berry, they make friends and odd things can […]

How to Grow a Cactus in Central Texas

I want to grow a cactus…but how? The first thing to know if you want to grow a cactus in central Texas: Don’t over think it.  Cacti are awesome. They take care of themselves and they look cool. Best of all – they are easy to grow.  Step 1 – find a cactus you like.  […]

Tree Removal

Tree removal We love trees, but sometimes the best thing for a landscape is a tree removal. One of my personal pet peeves is when new neighborhoods require 2, 3 or even 4 trees installed in a yard that should really only have one tree. It is short sighted. Why would you remove a tree? […]

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