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Perennials vs. Annuals: A Top Choice New Year Showdown

By The Top Choice Team / December 10, 2018

The new year is fast approaching, and one thing is on everyone’s mind: “how can I make my yard look tip-top this 2019″… Okay, maybe that’s not the one thing on your mind, but it’s a nice goal that doesn’t involve giving up donuts or getting a personal trainer. Here’s some tips and advice to…

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Why Trees Shed their Leaves

By The Top Choice Team / December 7, 2018

Why do Trees Shed their Leaves? When I was little, my mom and I got into an argument because I was convinced it was fall. Our yard in central Austin had a number of large live oak trees that shed their leaves in the spring. Naturally, it made sense to me that “when the leaves…

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Simon – A 64 Year Old Legend

By The Top Choice Team / November 30, 2018

This week Simon turned 64 years old. He has worked at Top Choice Lawn Care for over 5 years.  He works just as hard or harder than the next guy. Mowing for 10 hours straight in 100+ degree weather is exhausting, draining, a feat-of-endurance. He often mows 30+ yards in a day.  During the early winter,…

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Nature – Spend Time Outside

By The Top Choice Team / August 27, 2018

Do you go fly fishing to catch fish or so you can go fly fishing? -From Max Anderson Why do we like fishing or camping or parks or back yard grill outs? Why do we like trees and vines and bird feeders? One answer: they are actually good for us. Sometimes we just need to…

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Common Tree Trimming Mistakes

By The Top Choice Team / August 23, 2018

Tree trimming and pruning is one of the toughest tasks in lawn maintenance, with a high likelihood of mistakes when performed by an inexperienced trimmer or lawn service. Not only do these mistakes make your trees look horrible, they can also cause permanent damage and even kill your trees in some instances. Since tree trimming…

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Washers and Horseshoes

By The Top Choice Team / August 14, 2018

Let’s talk about yard games. I love them. Obsessed.  If I am at a wedding reception and there is corn hole or washers…my wife knows that she is pretty much on her own for the rest of the party. (I know this is not good…sometimes I am actually a good husband).  Top Choice is now…

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Fast Lawn Mowers

By The Top Choice Team / July 11, 2018

Are you kidding me?! This will be the world’s fastest lawn mower. 150mph!   I am so impressed and thank Honda for understanding the importance of increased efficiency in fast mowers. We may even consider using this as our means of transportation instead of trucks. Can you imagine a fleet of these bad boys…

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Robots Coming Through!

By The Top Choice Team / June 22, 2018

Meet your new Robot! Every day I think about grass (the stuff in your front yard…not the other kind). When I am not dealing with the “chaos of the day”, I try to plan for years down the road. Sometimes the future is tomorrow or next week, but sometimes I start to think longer term.…

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How is Mulch Made?

By The Top Choice Team / June 4, 2018

Ever wonder where we get our mulch?  We have a couple of different vendors that we use, but probably our favorite is a place called Kinser Ranch out off of Fitzhugh Rd near Dripping Springs. They are a family owned and operated outfit run by none other than…the Kinser family. One of the reasons I…

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Spring is upon us

By The Top Choice Team / February 26, 2018

Spring is a busy time of year for your yard. Because our plants are well adapted to our summer heat, they rush to do a lot of growing between now and mid-summer when the weather gets particularly harsh. We end up with explosions of growth, beautiful flowers, piles of oak leaves, and dozens of other…

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