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Why is there a part of my yard that is always swampy and wet?

By The Top Choice Team / September 17, 2020

Possible Answer: Broken Irrigation – If a portion of the yard is swampy and wet, the first thing to check is the Irrigation system.  Run the sprinklers for a few minutes per zone and walk around and check things out.  Sometimes there is an obvious problem that isn’t noticed because your irrigation runs early in…

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Why do I have a large brown spot in my yard when it gets hot?

By The Top Choice Team / September 17, 2020

Possible Answer: Too Little Water – As our heat increases, the grass needs more and more water to stay healthy.  If only a single portion of the yard is struggling simply turning up the water may not be enough.  Something could be wrong with the irrigation system. A common problem is bad sprinkler head coverage. …

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Types of Grass

By The Top Choice Team / August 17, 2020

Central Texas Grass Though we do not think about it much, our climate has a big impact on our life, and your grass is a big part of your personal climate!  In Austin (the southernmost state capital in the US of A!), we have a lot of benefits from our temperate weather.  Sandals and Shorts…

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Irrigation and Sod

By The Top Choice Team / February 12, 2020

Here is a quick run through of a recently completed installation. We get many opportunities each year to install sod and repair irrigation systems, but this was a great example of a start-to-finish full installation of a full irrigation system and new yard of Zorro Zoysia.  Irrigation Installation Plan Permitting As you probably know, working…

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Prepare your Turf

By The Top Choice Team / February 4, 2020

Another post brought to you from your friend John.  How Can I Get My Yard Ready This Spring? The winter here in Austin is mild compared to other parts of the country, which is one of the reasons I love it here so much! Even though it is mild we still need to do several…

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New to Texas?

By The Top Choice Team / January 10, 2020

Here is a blog post from John! If you want an introduction to John, please visit our about page here. New to Texas like me? Here are some things you should know about caring for your lawn. The best grass for Texas lawns are the ones that can handle hot summers and mild winters, especially…

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Drip Irrigation – Trees

By The Top Choice Team / January 7, 2020

How to irrigate trees (and how not) People ask me about their irrigation system installation quite often. Usually, it’s the “should this be done this way?” kind of questions.  As a long time repair technician I could tell you several stories but one of my favorites is one from my first employer.  His first irrigation…

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Irrigation – Winter

By The Top Choice Team / December 27, 2019

This question comes up pretty frequently. “Why did my irrigation stuff freeze this year?!” Sometimes it is a repeat incident – 3rd year in a row. Sometimes a valve or backflow preventer has been good for a decade (and then it busts due to weather). We see many above ground backflow preventers (like the picture)…

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Our Team

By The Top Choice Team / September 24, 2019

These guys are awesome. The guys that are out there every day, in 100+ degree weather, they are awesome. I (Nolan the office guy) marvel consistently at their work ethic, resiliency, consistency, and drive. Sometimes I forget stuff in my car and I have to go outside to get it. I come back inside and…

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Protect Your Plants from Black Spot

By Allison / January 14, 2019

Beware: A Fungus Among Us Have you noticed discolored spots on the bottom foliage of your roses or shrubs? Do any of your trees have an arch of discolored lower bark? If so, you need to take action now!        Wet foliage is susceptible to fungus and other detrimental plant pathogens!  No one likes to…

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