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Summer landscaping tips to beat the heat

By The Top Choice Team / June 14, 2022

With triple-digit temperatures extending as far as the forecasters can see, there’s no doubt about it. We’re in for a hot summer in Austin. Will your lawn make it? Heat waves have happened before, and they will certainly happen again. So, what can you do to help give your lawn a fighting chance? Don’t just…

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Get up to $1000 in Austin Water irrigation rebates

By The Top Choice Team / March 8, 2022

Central Texas residents and property owners can receive up to $1000 in Austin Water irrigation rebates in 2022. Now is the perfect time to think about water-saving upgrades while you get your irrigation system back up and running. What are the rebates for? The “Irrigation Upgrade” program is designed to encourage customers to improve their…

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Austin Spring Landscaping Calendar

By Allison / March 7, 2022

The air is getting warmer, and you want to get outside! Your lawn and shrubs are still a bit brown, but you’re ready for some spring landscaping. What do you do? Early spring is a pivotal time to set your lawn up for success, and a simple plan will help you make the most of…

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Why are there weeds in my lawn?

By The Top Choice Team / November 2, 2021

Why are there weeds in my Lawn? What can I do about it?  Why are there weeds in my yard, and what can I do about it? We are going to tackle this in three steps: Identification Eradication Maintenance But before we get into the details, let’s start with some basics upfront. We like to…

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Irrigation Leak

By The Top Choice Team / September 16, 2021

How to find an irrigation leak Think you may have an irrigation leak? We care about water conservation because we care about the environment and we like to save money. It is ok to admit both. Perhaps one motivates you more than the other, but both are good. If we are going to waste water,…

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How to check your irrigation system

By The Top Choice Team / July 28, 2021

5 Steps to check your irrigation system “How do I check my irrigation system?” It’s a common question we get each year when the rain stops falling and people realize their plants need water.  Turf and plants need water – some more than others. In Central Texas, the summers are commonly dry and hot requiring…

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What happens to the Texas Landscape when it gets this cold?

By The Top Choice Team / February 18, 2021

What happens to the Texas Landscape when it gets this cold? Background Information: This was written in mid-February 2021 during a “winter vortex”. You may have heard of the movie – The Perfect Storm – well that was about a different storm. Similar though. Central Texas saw multiple days under snow. While this may be…

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How to Winterize your Texas Irrigation System

By The Top Choice Team / October 27, 2020

Why do we winterize? We want to take care of our irrigation systems. Often times there are breaks in our systems after a long hard winter. Everyone knows that water expands when it freezes – we need to take this into consideration when we are preparing for the cold months. How do we winterize differently…

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Fall Yard Tips for Texas

By The Top Choice Team / September 29, 2020

Why is Fall so important for my yard?  Fall is is such an important time of year for your yard. Most people think of spring as the time to add plants, flowers, and to make the world a little greener. Fall is a great time to plant – and in Austin – it may even…

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Plants die in my yard every winter. How can I keep everything alive in the winter?

By The Top Choice Team / September 17, 2020

Possible Answer: Mulch – One of the many benefits of mulch is that it helps regulate the soil temperature.  It acts like a blanket over the soil.  It will protect the delicate root systems of plants over the winter months.  If you have a hard time keeping plants alive over winter, make sure you have…

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