Summer landscaping tips to beat the heat

With triple-digit temperatures extending as far as the forecasters can see, there’s no doubt about it. We’re in for a hot summer in Austin. Will your lawn make it?

Heat waves have happened before, and they will certainly happen again. So, what can you do to help give your lawn a fighting chance? Don’t just cross your fingers. Make a plan with our summer landscaping tips!

Summer Landscaping

#1. Irrigation

It goes without saying, water is THE most essential part of your summer landscape survival plan, but the exact details might not be so obvious. Water helps grass develop roots to withstand heat stress better and grow into a thicker, greener turf. Problems like fungus show up both when things are too dry (stressful) and when they are wet and swampy.

How should you water? Different devices output dramatically different amounts of water, and their unique spray patterns suit certain areas more than others. Nothing beats a finely tuned irrigation system. Did you know you can even get up to $1000 in Austin Water rebates to optimize your system?

When should you water? A good Texan knows to avoid watering during the day when the sun’s rays quickly evaporate your valuable water (that stuff is expensive!) Water only in the early morning or evening after things cool off. Morning irrigation is preferable as it won’t leave your lawn soggy overnight.

How much should you water? Again, keep in might that each device is different. Your sprinkler system may just need 15 minutes per zone, rotary hose sprinklers (click, click, click, tshhhhhhhhh) may need 45 minutes, and slow drip irrigation may need 90 minutes. If in doubt, put out an old can in each zone and measure the accumulated contents after watering. Each zone needs at least 1” — or even 2” during our long hot summers with no rain.

There’s no time like the present to protect your summer landscaping. Check out our irrigation page or give us a call if you have any questions whatsoever.

Too much water can lead to fungus and other problems. Get those irrigation leaks fixed sooner than later!

#2. Mulch

Our second tip goes under the radar, but it’s no less critical for your plants! Don’t neglect your beds. Most people want new mulch in the spring for aesthetic reasons, but did you know it’s an excellent insulator? Mulch increases water retention, so those valuable drops don’t evaporate so quickly. It can also protect your plants’ root systems from overheating. (Its insulating effects are also beneficial in the winter!)

Check out our mulch page or contact us for a fast free quote!

Good mulch can help retain moisture and protect your plants’ roots.

#3. Rock

Ready to throw in the towel? Just kidding! Sort of. Despite your best efforts (and our professional help) some areas are simply not suited for healthy turf. An alternative ground covering can often be best for high-traffic areas or particularly shady spots. Paths, pavers, gravel, and rocks don’t just look good; they’re functional. And they need a lot less water (i.e. none)!

Maybe your kids or pets won’t give it a break. Perhaps you just want a nice shady spot to put a table and some chairs. Give us a shout to learn about the best options for your summer landscaping.

Rocks, patios, paths, and beds make for great summer landscaping projects.

You got this!

No one wants to lose their plants or grass, but don’t worry. The right summer landscaping can keep your lawn as green and healthy as possible. Many times, it’s simply a matter of working with our Central Texas climate rather than against it. Certain looks may be trendy, but non-native plants and grasses can’t always keep up with the heat. We’ve been keeping Austin lawns beautiful for over 15 years, and we plan to keep them going for a long time yet.

If you have summer landscaping projects or questions, just call 512-291-7050 or contact us for a free quote.

Summer Landscaping